At least she had a husband to kill

I’m a bit of an oddity.ย  I’m 26, almost 27, in a state where most people get married when they are like 12.ย  I never thought that I’d have use for this conversation, but today I did. You know the one where Emily is reading the newspaper and finds out that someone Lorelai’s age shot her husband. Lorelai acts a little bit triumphant that her life is so together.

I was looking through old records, because I am weird that way. Specifically, I was looking at a census from a hundred years ago. This woman’s given name, I kid you not, was Kills Many Men. I burst out laughing. However, I can’t share this information with anyone here because Kills Many Men was married. That’s right, she got married before me. You really have to be sure of yourself to marry someone with a name like that.

10 thoughts on “At least she had a husband to kill

  1. Julia

    Hahaha….oh no! “Kills Many Men”? Poor woman…or should I say poor Husband? Nice post ๐Ÿ™‚ but I think sometimes it is not so bad, yet not to be married.

  2. ashley

    ok so maybe even if she did, everyone should have at lest one chance at love even a chush its still love KEEP DREAMING you’ll find love some day keep looking girls ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Linda

    That’s it! I’m changing my name! Since “Kills Many Men” is already taken I might need some suggestions.

  4. Anne

    Emily’s quote is great. I like her so much, she makes me laugh and she often touches me. She tries hard to be a part of Lorelai’s life. She is strong-willed and I admire that. She’s not very sweet but she is maternal even if the way she shows it is… weird.

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