Bee Season

I’ve haven’t read the book by Myla Goldberg yet.  I’ll get there someday.  I couldn’t resist watching the 2005 movie adaptation of the novel.  Mostly because it had Richard Gere in it.  I’m always fascinated that I find him attractive because if you look at him closely, he should not be good looking, but he is.  I wasn’t sure how I’d relate to this particular book because I have never been a spelling bee champion.  If they would have had some kind of Full House trivia bee, I probably would’ve won that.  Recently, spelling has become even less important to me because I have spell check.  This movie is like Richard Gere, it should be boring but it’s not.  This isn’t one of those movies where things happen or stuff blows up. It’s kind of like being in a trance.  Plus, Richard Gere is in it.

2 thoughts on “Bee Season

  1. liss

    Recently watched “The Queen” and it was a bit like “Bee Season” only even less happens in it – and there’s no Richard Gere – but it is completely enthralling. Couldn’t stop watching it.

    p.s. I assume you’ve seen “First Knight”, devotedly?

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