My dog is Paul Anka

I had this conversation the other day:

Other person:  What is your favorite animal?

Me:  Sebastian.

Other person:  No I meant like genre, like leopards or something.

Me:  Sebastian is my favorite animal.

Other person:  What about when Sebastian dies?  He’s like a 100 years old.  Then what will your favorite animal be?

Me:  Sebastian.

Other person:  We’ve been here before.

Me:  I recognize that tree.

Well, the last two sentences didn’t happen, but they should have.  Sebastian is my dog.  He is part basset hound & part really large dog or possibly horse.  He is pretty tough, he likes to be outside, he doesn’t seem to really bark at or care about all of the deer that are in the yard.  So for a big, tough, 80 lbs. dog he has one very Paul Anka like idiosyncrasy.  He is afraid of stairs.  One day he got out & my neighbors called to say that he was on their deck & wouldn’t come down.  We tried putting him on a leash but he just wouldn’t follow.  It basically ended up with an 80 lbs. dog being carried down two flights of stairs.  At least I don’t have to wait outside while he eats.

3 thoughts on “My dog is Paul Anka

  1. virginia

    i loved all of paul anka’s quirks! 🙂 you should dress him up like a Doggy Swammy and charge for his predictions!

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