Amy Sherman-Palladino where are you?

I don’t know what Amy Sherman-Palladino has been up to since the whole Jezebel James thing didn’t work out.  I like to think that she is stowed away somewhere wearing a black velvet hat feverishly writing a Gilmore Girls Movie.  Just so you know, that is all in my head & is not based in reality, but it should be true just because of the sheer awesomeness of it.

I was googling Amy because I wanted to know if she had a blog.  I was hoping that she had a “What I’m reading now section” that I could check daily & find new books.  She doesn’t seem to have a blog, or a MySpace page.  What’s worse is that there aren’t even any fake Sherman-Palladino’s on Myspace.  I occassionaly get fake celebrities in my blog comments like when I talk about Billy Blanks (the tae bo guy), but I’ve never heard from a fake Amy.

7 thoughts on “Amy Sherman-Palladino where are you?

  1. carl

    Yes, I picture her in a black velvet hat as well.

    But, alas, there may not be a Gilmore Girls reunion movie: or at least Lauren doesn’t seem to think there will be or doesn’t want to be involved. How sad.

  2. jennGGfan

    So, it’s July, 2009 and just watching the first season of GG on ABCfam for the 100th time. I googled Amy and found this. I, like you all, want more. I need Amy to have a web site that I can follow because I respect her writing and wit more than any other movie/tv writer today. Yes, I am dramatic, but when you fuse pop culture (w/irony), great music, and broadway musical references…I’m sold! Amy, if you’re out there…please write a new show and sell it a studio that doesn’t force you to have a laugh track (like TRoJJ). Favorite Amy quote: “I need to find a retarded kid and teach him how to play baseball.” That could be an incorrect quote, but that’s how I remember it, love it, and laugh at it.

  3. Diane

    I would love to know if the little town, Stars Hollow, CT was patterned after a real town. I would love to move & live there! Life seems so simple & nice in Stars Hollow. I appreciate your help!


  4. Cindy

    Stars Hollow, CT would geographically be Wallingford, CT and there are little towns kinda like that all over the place but this one, in my opinion, was an ideal perspective on one of those towns. In addition, the distance from Yale to Stars Hollow and Yale to Hartford and Yale to Chilton (aka Choate) create a lot of inconsistencies but alas not everyone is from Connecticut – lol.

  5. Denise Squillante

    Stars Hollow was not on Wallingford, Ct it was taken from Washington Depot, Ct when Amy and Dan passed through there at one point. Yes I am a GG fanatic and if anyone of the “Powers that be” read this….PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE

  6. Denise Squillante

    PLEASE, do whatever is needed to put together a GG movie for all the fans. There are so many places it could go like Luke and Lorelei’s marriage, Emily and Richard buying that house on the edge of Stars Hollow, their having a child, Rory working for a News Room and meeting Logan again, Christopher truly finding love and bringing Gigi to visit Lorelei when Rory comes to visit, Luke’s daughter coming for a visit and all the unique and wonderful characters of Stars Hollow going about their usual daily life as always. If so many people want this, WHY can’t it happen

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