Gilmore April Fools

I usually like to play April Fool’s jokes in June.  No one is expecting it then.  On April first everyone is prepared.  I have always wanted to recreate the scene from Lorelai’s dream where she wakes up to dozens of alarm clocks going off.  This isn’t so much a prank as it is annoying.

I don’t know if the alarm clock industry has gotten a bail out so someone needs to do their part & buy them all up.  There are things that go on in my head that people who don’t watch Gilmore Girls will just never understand.  Unfortunately, they still have to live with me.

2 thoughts on “Gilmore April Fools

  1. Anne

    haaaaa I know it. Sometimes, when somebody says something which reminds me of GG, I say a quote and people don’t understand it.
    Life would be easier if everybody knows GG. But we won’t be unique anymore.

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