Dating Ancedotes

I was just watching the episode with the urine mints again.  Sadly, if you search for urine mints in google, the first search result isn’t about Gilmore Girls. This took place during Rory’s awkward date with Trevor.  She couldn’t think of anything to say so she started talking about this study that shows that the restaurant mints have traces of urine on them.  You know urine mints.  I was just trying to think of my most awkward dating conversation & there have been so many of them.

I know that once my friend, who is actually really good at dating, was telling me how she tried to break the ice by telling stories about working in a nursing home & the elderly’s bathroom habits.  I thought this was so funny, that I used it on my next date.  I think this post explains a lot about why I’m single.  If I’m not having a good time, I at least try to switch the evening up so I find it entertaining. I think urine mints are funny.  What are your most awkward dating conversations?  What are you supposed to talk about on a first date?

4 thoughts on “Dating Ancedotes

  1. Leigh

    This is the first time I ever came across this site, and I must say I absolutely love it! Gilmore Girls sure is the funniest and most clever show ever, and I really like your website, especially the music/movie list! Keep posting:)

    x Leigh

  2. Tina

    I totally related to Rory in this episode. I’m seriously awkward on dates, though I haven’t quite felt the need to start talking about urine mints!

  3. virginia

    i once went out with a guy who wanted to be mortician. didn’t inherit the family business–just wanted to be a mortician. he also started quoting harry potter to me…in a british accent.

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