Fruits de le Terre

Every single time I have to think of a spurr of the moment gift I think of Fruits de le Terre.  You know, that present that Lorelai tried to give to Luke after their Europe trip.

I just want to see if I can pass off a relabeled smuckers jar as fine fancy jam.  I want to tell the story of Sochelle & her burning desire to make jam.  I want to say jamstress with a straight face. I actually think I could get away with this as a hostess gift.  Especially if it is around people that have never watched the show. I need to go practice on my delivery. I am slightly evil.

7 thoughts on “Fruits de le Terre

  1. Jennifer

    I think it’s a brilliant idea. I also love the story of being a French Orphan Lorelai tells before her and Christopher go to France…….ahhhhh how I LOVE Gilmore Girls! I find myself saying a lot of things Lorelai says on the show. I’m sure people think I’m crazy too, but think….it’s like your own personal Gilmore-ism’s. If ppl do get the things you say it’s most likely b/c they are as into the show as you are.

  2. Sarah

    Omg! That would be soo funny. I might get it for my friend, who loves gilmore girls, which would make it half the fun.

  3. Tina

    Hehe, I love Lorelai!! Your website is seriously awesome. Just reading your posts inspires me to act a little more Gilmore Girls-y.

  4. i

    haha i always try to use sime gilmore quotes as my own hoping to get i huge reaction from my hilariousness

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