Rory the Riveter

I love this picture of Rory. I don’t usually talk about the actual actors on Gilmore Girls.  It’s probably because while I love them, I don’t like them as much as their characters.  If I had to admit that Luke Danes doesn’t actually exist I’ll give up dating altogether.

Anyways, they did this amazing photo shoot called “70 Years of American Style Icons”.  Alexis Blidel was Rosie the Riveter.  It’s a striking image, but she looks a lot angrier than Rosie did.  She really needs to stand up straight when having her photograph taken. Still, it’s super pretty.

Also, I was reading a book called “Hollywood Beauty Secrets” & they asked Alexis how she gets such creamy skin.  She swears by steaming her face with olive oil once a week.  That scared me, somehow I’m sure I’d accidentally deep fry my skin.


3 thoughts on “Rory the Riveter

  1. virginia

    wow, that is a really good resemblance. and i agree about her slouching–it used to always bug me on the show. and she was always a very awkward hugger in later seasons.

  2. k

    Ah! Alexis does the oil cleansing method?? Its amazing, I highly recommend it!

    …..And I completely agree about the slouching and awkward hugging. She’s awkward in general, really.

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