Winter Festivals

I was excited to see that my town was throwing a winter festival.  I excitedly read all of the features in the town newspaper.  (It is kind of like the Star’s Hollow Gazette.  The big story this week was that someone found a deflated weather balloon.  There was a picture & everything.  I can only imagine what they would have printed had no one found a weather balloon.)

The winter festival was going to include contained bomb fires & apple cider.  Contained bon fires are as far as I can make out, flaming trash cans.  Something about the winter festival made me feel like I was playing homeless.  I decided not to go.  I usually support all of the town festivals, but what they never mention during the Gilmore Girls Winter Carnivals is that it’s cold outside in winter.  Really cold.  If they would’ve had a doggy swami I would’ve been there.

4 thoughts on “Winter Festivals

  1. Kaitlin

    In our newspaper on thursday, in the Police Notebook under incidents, it said that on Wednesday at 10:53 there was reports of a man standing outside barking like a dog. When they got to the scene the man was gone. That is like how interesting the news that we have to report in our small town paper

  2. Alyssa Goodnight

    This is a VERY impressive homage to the GG’s!

    I always say I’d like to live in a place that had festivals and stuff, but I think if I lived in a town like Stars Hollow and was expected to make an appearance at all the festivals, I’d get pretty tired of it. Particularly in cold weather.

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