Why is Lorelai an inkeeper?

Well, I know the practical reason is that she started as a maid when Rory was young & then worked her way up to managing the Independence Inn.  Another practical reason is that Amy Sherman-Palladino made her that way. It just always seemed weird to me that she dreamed of opening her own inn with Sookie.  As a self proclaimed drifter, I’m always curious as to how people end up in their chosen career paths.  It just doesn’t suit Lorelai’s personality.  She’s not really the managing type.  I could see her in that girl band that she joked about starting. I know that many of us end up in jobs that we don’t like, but supposedly it was her dream.  Can you think of a better job for Lorelai?

7 thoughts on “Why is Lorelai an inkeeper?

  1. robin

    well most definitely the girl rock band, but other than that, i guess possibly a movie critic because of how much they love good movies and always have an opinion…this is hard..hmmm but i do agree that she just kind of stayed with the inn because she had to originally, maybe she just grew to love it? but her being an innkeeper is not exactly what i’d picture her wanting to always be.

  2. Sarah

    I actually wondered the very same thing a few years back but then I figured it made sense that she worked her way up.
    I’m not sure what would be a better job but definitely something eccentric.

  3. Linda

    I can’t imagine it differently. Definitely not in a band, I think that would change her completely as a character.

    I guess my way of thinking is…she’s in a VERY small town, she’s good with quirky people, and working at a hotel you meet other quirky people from different places. Also, being an innkeeper is kind of fitting of how she was raised. Even though she was to go to an Ivy League school. She was brought up to marry a man with a good career/family money; she would have essentially ended up being in a “position” of planning, et al, as Emily.

  4. lucia

    Hi guys,
    can anybody advise me if Lorelei’s hotel Dragonfly really exists and if does, where is it?

  5. Sally

    Duh, she should be an event planner. I want Lorelei to plan all my parties. Let’s look at the facts: 1. She does this at the Inn anyway; 2: When she and Sookie had the catering company, she planned the Lord of the Rings party (and totally saved totally saved it from disaster); 3.She throws great birthday parties, baby showers, bacherlorette parties (as long as someone gets the movie times right); 4. She loves to decorate (hello season 7 when she brought Asia to Rory); 5.She is a people person and a party person. She even formed the Super Cool Party People club at Lain and Zack’s wedding. Enough said.

  6. Anne

    I don’t know. I think Lorelai needed to do something she will be proud of because her parents said she did nothing because she left school and to their minds, “you can’t do anything in your life respectable if you didn’t go to college”. And create something, own something is a good way to prove it’s wrong. Plus, Lorelai was a clever girl and a bright pupil; she’s good in Maths. She was graduated; she is a little jealous about Rory going to college. So she doesn’t reject studies and responsibilities. I think a inn is quite good for her, because she’s convivial and she adores meeting people, she’s enthusiastic,… I think owning this inn gives her some confidence.

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