Maybe this will be the year

I was trying to think of some crazy Gilmoresque New Years resolutions.  For awhile I was just going to resolve to get Gilmoresque into the dictionary this year or at least look it up this year to make sure that it’s not already in there.  I’ve kind of stalled on Rory’s Book list.  For awhile, I was reading a book a week, which meant that I should have finished last fall.  That didn’t happen because I saved most of the hard books for last.  I blame David Cooperfield.

I’m trying to get back into it, I just need one of the books to be really good to inspire me.   That, or I need to buy a bigger handbag & so I can carry my books around with me like Rory & Vanity Fair will be so heavy that I will want to finish it really quickly. I have thirty one books left, I probably own most of them, I just need to not suck so much.  Once I broke my rule of not deviating from the book list I was lost.  I feel a little bit like Rory when she saw the library at Harvard & realized how many books she’d never be able to read.

6 thoughts on “Maybe this will be the year

  1. Maddison

    Oh, don’t I know the feeling!
    Not of Rory’s book list specifically, but setting out to read a stack of books, and leaving the most difficult till last, and then losing motivation.
    Hang in there!

  2. jacki

    I have been trying to read all the rory books, I even carried a book around with me, it didnt help much, since I hardly got the chance to read it. I am trying to watch at least one Gilmore Movie a week.

  3. Nora

    Dickens is hard for me too. I’m trying to read Oliver Twist but so many sad things happen to this child that I actually fear to go on reading…it just makes me so sad.

  4. carl

    I haven’t read all your posts, but it doesn’t look like you’ve read any of Dawn Powell’s books yet (remember Rory raved about her). You might find Dawn Powell more fun to read than David Copperfield.

  5. Kristin

    I think it’s awesome that you only have 31 books left; I have way more than that. I was wondering, the column on the left says that you’ve done 73 book reviews which leaves 45ish books left on the list, are there some you haven’t reviewed? Your reviews are great, you should post reviews for the 10 or 15 books from the list you’ve read but haven’t reviewed, and maybe that will get you back into finishing the list!

  6. Anne

    I read a lot of Rory’s books, especially the French ones (Madame Bovary, Proust, Les Misérables, etc) but I have to say that the French books she reads are not the better ones, or at least the most captivating ones! I advise you to read some Hugo especially in poetry and this amazing book : Le dernier jour d’un condamné (The last day of a prisoner), some Zola, some Sartre for the ones who likes philosophy and some Simone de Baauvoir for the feminist ones (Rory reads de Beauvoir in season 2, I think). Of course, I tried to read American, English, Russian authors that she reads and some of them are great: Bronte sisters, Dickens (I liked Oliver Twist, and the movie too), Tolstoi, Virginia Woolf, Melville… Virginia Woolf is a great writer and she wrote most novels, so it’s short and nice. What did David Copperfield write?
    And my biggest advice is : don’t try any Balzac, it’s lonnnng and painful.

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