The Gilmore Guide to Paint Colors

Lorelai was picking out paint colors during one of the most pivotal episodes (in my mind anyways) of the show.  When it came time to paint a room in my house, I got a feel for just how complicated it is.  I could pick out a color for everything except for the room that needed to be painted.  For awhile I was drawn to purple & wondered why I had never considered it before.  Then I remembered that it’s because I hate purple.

I was going to go with Lorelai’s suggestion & choose a color that wouldn’t clash with my dog.  However, my dog is brown & pretty much matches everything.  I tried to get the dog to choose the paint color but he decided to bark at the wind instead. At least I didn’t have to worry about a paint crew leaving if they didn’t have work because I don’t have a paint crew.  So after pouring over every paint color in existence I ended up choosing the gold/taupe color that I had picked out days earlier.  See you in hades color wheel.

One thought on “The Gilmore Guide to Paint Colors

  1. jacki

    I have always wanted to walk around with a bunch of paint chips and give everything a new colour. Or pin a bunch of colour combos to the wall like Lorelai does when they repaint Lukes and ask what everyone thinks.
    Good luck with your painting.

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