Whenever I hear someone utter the word ennui, I automatically assume that they have watched Gilmore Girls & are trying to assimilate everything Gilmore into their lifestyle. It’s probably not true, but at least then I can be civil to them. The day after Christmas seems to be ennui filled. (Hey, I said I knew the word. I never said I knew how to use it correctly.)

Basically from the dictionary definitions I’ve read call it a lack or interest or being weary.

Do normal none Gilmore Girls Fanatics say the word ennui? I’ve noticed it in written form a few times but I think that’s because the Gilmores have made ennui more mainstream.

2 thoughts on “Ennui

  1. Livia

    omg (OH MY GILMORE) =P

    i have had the season 2 dvd’s for a while now. i have watched all of season 1 & 2 and have fallen in love with the show! its just a great show to watch and shows all of lifes challenges and rewards. its just amazing!

  2. Anne

    Ennui is the French word for boredom, but some American people use it, I don’t know why!

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