What not to give this Holiday Season

Picking out Christmas presents can be difficult. Here are a few gifts that the Gilmores do not recommend:

  • Anything from the cat store, such as hot pads with cats on them or a garbage can with a cat on it. Luke made this mistake the first time when he was shopping for Rachel’s birthday in season one. He repeated it shopping for April’s birthday in a later season. I think someone else once made a tragic purchase at the cat store but I don’t remember who or what. The point is that just because someone likes cats doesn’t mean that they want cat stuff in the kitchen.
  • Do not give your daughter in law a hall tree. She will just put it in the basement, or give it to her daughter who will then put it in her basement. If you routinely check their house to see if your gift is there, it probably will be. However, your daughter in law might be complaining about a back ache.
  • Very few of us dream that someday our signifigant other will give us a book that we don’t understand that has nothing to do with love like Rory almost did with Lane.
  • You’ll also need to avoid giving your Mom perfume unless you want her to send you away to bible camp like Mrs. Kim did to Lane.

5 thoughts on “What not to give this Holiday Season

  1. katelyn

    It was Kirk who also bought the loads of cat stuff at the Chat Club because he had just gotten Cat Kirk.

    I too am a Gilmore Girl’s fanatic and love reading your posts throughout the year. I hope you are successful on your quest to becoming a Gilmore!

  2. Anne

    Hahaha what Lane said has always made me laugh! I like her very much and I admire her for being optimistic and adorable and so funny while she has a life a little… weird and closed.

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