Celebrating new challenges

What with the economy being in the crapper many people are being faced with losing their jobs. I haven’t yet, but if/when I do I am determined to celebrate new challenges. I love the scene where Lorelai shows up with a bottle of booze to excitedly tell Sookie & Jackson that the Independence Inn is closing.

It can be scary when everything is up in the air, but maybe you’ll get to start your own inn. I know it’s not much, but certainly a Merv Albert cd will make everything better. Do not steal a boat like Rory did that one time. I repeat, do not steal a boat.

2 thoughts on “Celebrating new challenges

  1. virginia

    it’s Logan that should be avoided at all costs. he’s the root of all evil. i have no idea how this comment relates to your topic. must be slightly delirious from all the cold medicine i’m taking…

  2. Anne

    Yes, this episode was funny. I love Sookie and Jackson for staying as optimistic as Lorelai!
    DO NOT STEAL A BOAT. Yeah, I agree: bad plan.

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