Please no outside food or drink

I’ve never been in a certain cafe before which shall remain nameless. Mostly because I always thought that it was a dentist’s office. I probably won’t go in it now because it doesn’t even look like a nice dentist’s office.

I did laugh when I saw the sign posted on the door “Absolutely no outside food or drink.” It reminded me of when the Gilmores brought tacos to eat at Luke’s. I wondered if the sign had been put up because people had been bringing their own food to enjoy in the wonderful shabby dentist office atmosphere. Then of course I pondered if I could find a restaurant without this sign & then bring in a picnic.

3 thoughts on “Please no outside food or drink

  1. Kaitlin

    LOL. You know I have always wondered something about another restaurant sign. The “No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service” Sign. Because What I have wondered about is what if the person came in wearing a shirt and shoes but no pants. What would they do? It is just something I have wondered for a long time. rofl

  2. Kaitlin

    lol thanks. I just watched the episode where they bring the tacos to Luke’s last night. I am watching all of my seasons over again. I am on the third season and the 3rd disk right now. But tonight I sort of feel like watching Unto the Breach, on the 7th season. You know when she turns Logan down. I only liked Logan on the last season and when she turned him down I wanted to cry cause I felt bad for him. And I just fell like crying and Gilmores can make me cry. rofl and now I will stop my babbling

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