Car shopping with the Gilmores

My car is exactly eight years old. Lorelai’s Jeep was also eight when it bit the dust. My car isn’t in it’s death throes yet, but I couldn’t figure out whether to keep fixing it, or buy a new one. So I turned to the Gilmores for advice.

  • Lorelai & Rory suggested that I get a Delorean or batmobile.
  • I couldn’t go for a convertible because it would require a tan & bad hair.
  • Sports cars have an attitude.
  • Whatever I buy I should drive around & wave & say top of the morning.
  • A swan shaped float is a possibility.
  • Vintage cars are cool until you realize that you are sitting in someone else’s filth.
  • No matching cars or sweatsuits.
  • Even if you find the exact same model it’s just different. (I actually did look at the exact same model/color of my current car that had less miles on it. It didn’t have the feeling.)

I’m at the point where I can just replace my car as it keeps breaking & eventually I’ll have a new car inside of my old car, like Lorelai. Yes, I even considered a Jeep Wrangler, but they weren’t as fuel efficient. However, that swan shaped float is looking mighty tempting.

2 thoughts on “Car shopping with the Gilmores

  1. Kaitlin

    lol sounds like you are having a fun time. I havent yet gotten my first car but I am sure that whatever I get will make me grow attached to it. I want a Jeep so I can be like a gilmore. lol

  2. virginia

    i seriously considered buying jason’s brother’s jeep wrangler–it was the same color and everything! but it really is a gas guzzler. 🙁

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