The Pursuit of Icecream

I was sitting in a diner that resembles Luke’s, looking at my town’s one & only stop light. (There was a ribbon cutting ceremony when it was installed. It reminded me of when Star’s Hollow got its first crosswalk.)

I turned the menu over & noticed there was a story on the back. I am a fan of stories on the back of menus, especially the one from Luke & Lorelai’s first date where the story is about a dog dying. So imagine my surprise when the story focused on how my town was founded by people wanting freedom of oppression & the desire to make their own choice to have whatever kind of milkshakes they wanted. I doubt the historical accuracy of this, but my town does put some crazy stuff in milkshakes like almonds. I can see why they would be persecuted for that. What is the weirdest story that you’ve ever read on the back of a menu?

3 thoughts on “The Pursuit of Icecream

  1. virginia

    i know i’ve read the backs of menus, but apparently none of them had stories that are memorable enough because i’m sitting here trying really hard to remember one.

    side note: very jealous that you have your own luke’s. sigh.

  2. Kaitlin

    I am also very jealous you have your own Luke’s.
    For the life of me, I just cannot manage to remember if I have ever read a story of the back of a menu.

  3. Anne

    Yes it is! This is such a weird story! That’s funny. There are no diners like that in France. There are: fancy restaurants, snacks like McDonald & Quick…, and bars. There is nothing between restaurants and McDonalds stuff. Nothing convivial…

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