Halloween the Gilmore Way

We know that the Gilmores eat four Thanksgiving dinners & put red & green m&m’s in their cereal on Christmas. I was just trying to remember if there was any reference to how they celebrate Halloween. I know that there is an episode with a Quentin Tarantino themed party, but that is Finn’s birthday party. Would they put candy corn in their breakfast cereal?

I just totally negated my first paragraph because I just remembered. However, I’m not erasing the first paragraph because I had to figure out how to spell Quentin Tarantino & that is not easy. The episode was from the craptastic season six, so it slipped my mind. It’s the Twenty One is the Lonliest Number episode. Apparently the Gilmore way is to hang carmel apples from the tree in the front yard but Lorelai decides to do something different this year because she’s still on the outs with Rory. She wants to put Luke in a fake electric chair where he still shoots sparks out of his nose.  Now I just need to find someone who can shoot sparks out of their nose. Like finding a boyfriend wasn’t difficult enough.

6 thoughts on “Halloween the Gilmore Way

  1. virginia

    i’m glad you figured out the halloween question because i was sitting here trying to think about it, too. odd that they never mentioned halloween until season 6. i only have the dvd sets from 1-5…i refuse to buy 6 or 7. 🙂

  2. Kaitlin

    I love this site of yours. I love when she says that to Luke. Anyway I just wanted to say that I love your site.

  3. Jennifer

    Have you ever looked into what kind of dollhouse Lorelai had, I tried looking it up but was unsucessful.

  4. Athena

    They serve Halloween candy to Chris and his girlfriend after Rory’s debate. 8X It isn’t a tradition, but it is a mention from before season 6.

  5. Anne

    Sorry, I end my comment now, because my computer died suddenly (actually it didn’t die, but I thought it wad dead and I almost cried).
    I was saying that in season 2 or later, Babette “hangs” Morey! That’s funny 🙂

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