Why living in a small town sucks

I was looking out the window over my picturesque small town & decided to play 123 he’s yours. At least, that’s what I think it’s called. It’s the game that Lorelai & Rory played where they look outside & the first guy you see will be the one you marry. You can either keep that guy, or move on to someone else. My version went like this:

1. No teeth. I’ll move on.

2. Third cousin. While still legal, just not something I can move past.

3. Waiting….waiting….waiting….there are only two guys in my town?

If you try this game let me know how it goes.

5 thoughts on “Why living in a small town sucks

  1. july

    hihi…i like this game too – have you found the third one by now?
    i live in the capital of germany so you can say it´s a very big town, so i don´t know most (!) of the people walking around my house….i´ll try it tomorrow again in school 😉

  2. virginia

    i actually just saw this episode yesterday! i’ve been rewatching my GG’s dvds lately. good times. sorry about the lack of prospects!

  3. Anne

    HAHAHA, you’re crazy and I like it. In fact, you’re not crazy, you’re just absolutely full of sense and everybody should laugh and do that kind of things to make life funny and nice because it is.
    Anyway, I can’t do it in my town because I have the same problem: a person is walking in front of my house every six hours…

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