I love CSPAN

My Gilmore Girls viewing this week coincided with economic times. Not really, but they did mention CSPAN. Rory said jokingly to Paris something like it’s all she talks about. During another episode Zach is flipping through the channels & says, he can’t believe there’s a third CSPAN. I only have two CSPANS but I made a goal to tune in & watch at least an hour.

So far, Lorelei seems right, it’s like watching the security camera at a men’s cheap suit store. Hey, she said it, not me. As far as my political understanding goes, this is what happens in every incidence. A guy in a suit comes out & says “I tried to reach across the aisle. It’s all everyone else’s fault”. Then he turns the time over to someone else, who says exactly the same thing. This guy says “thank you” & all the younger guys in suits say thank you with him & turn sharply & walk away.

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