The First Pancake

I was initially disturbed by the first pancake scene in the episode “Will you be my Lorelai Gilmore?” Rory shared this advice about how the first pancake is always worthless because it gets burnt.

I always hated that Rory learned how to cook, it was just so against her character. The other morning I was making pancakes because if Rory can learn how to cook, so can I. The first pancake didn’t turn out well. It looked like scrambled eggs but with a pancake. I thought, cooking sucks, I want to eat a donut. Then I decided to try one more pancake & the second one came out perfect. I guess the first pancake phenomenon is alive & well.

2 thoughts on “The First Pancake

  1. virginia

    Was that YOU at the next stove?! all my 1st pancakes come out awful. aw.ful. undercooked and stuck to the griddle. but all subsequent cakes? perfect. 🙂 alive and well, indeed.

  2. Anne

    Yes this phenomenon is well and alive! I do some crêpes (equivalent for pancakes) and it’s always the same : the first one is terrible!
    Yeah I don’t like the fact that Rory learnt how to cook (I’m blaming a little bit Logan).
    I don’t know if you share my opinion, but sometimes in the last seasons, I feel like Rory rejects a little, or at least forgets, the education her mom gave it to her.

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