Roomba Watching

I recently got a roomba. Yes, it takes about five times longer to vacuum than a normal vacuum. Yes, it always seems to leave lint on the floor. Yes, it has to be cleaned out & takes about as long to do that as it would to use a regular vacuum. I can’t help loving it. It’s a robot & it vacuums. I originally thought that the roomba would save me all sorts of time. Instead, I just end up watching it & think “It’s a robot. Neato.” I always laugh when it bumps into stuff. Yes my thoughts are very profound.

At least the Gilmore Girls shared my hobby. Remember the episode where Lorelai was at home & Rory was at college & they both were on the phone just watching their pink roombas? I was looking through videos to put with this post & apparently everyone who owns a roomba films it & puts it on youtube.

It is not my fault that watching robots do housework is awesome. It is times like these where I wish that my life had a scoreboard next to it so I could see how much time was devoted to various activities like roomba watching. I probably don’t want to know.

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