First days

I’m starting a new job soon. I know the first day is going to be awkward. First days always are. I can’t help but think about the “How Many Kropogs to Cape Cod?” episode. This is due only in part to the fact that I still don’t know what a kropog is. This is also due to the fact that this is the episode where Rory starts her internship at the newspaper with Logan’s dad.

I always laugh when Rory takes a picture of herself with her camera phone because I’ve done the same thing several times. First days are big deals. In college, before the camera phone, this was achieved by taking a picture of myself in the mirror. So I have about five really fantastic shots that show nothing but the flash. Anyways, I know that the first day will be bad because it’s a first day. I at least take comfort in the fact that Rory also was confused as to if she was supposed to enter a room when a door was closed in her face & she had didn’t know if she was supposed to go to lunch so she stood in the break room and ate some mints.

Note to self: buy altoids. What was your worst first day at work or school?

4 thoughts on “First days

  1. Hayley

    Just wanted to say Good Luck at your job! Also what’s your screen name on paperbackswap? I’m a member to and would like to check out your bookshelf…

  2. virginia

    a few years back before i got my current paperpusher job, i went through a period where i had like 6 jobs in one year–because they all sucked. one in particular had me sorting medical instruments like scalpels and scissors and such and packaging them to various buyers. ick.

  3. Anne

    I’m always a student, so I didn’t begin to work, but in September I asked to go in a different college because I don’t like mine. I hope so much I will be accepted, but the beginning will be a little awkward!
    Yesterday I had a French oral, and I was a little bit stressed out, so I thought about Rory. I was saying for myself : what would Rory do? And I don’t know why, but it gave me confidence. I guess she really exists to my eyes, and I consider her like a model/friend.

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