Man robs store with cheese grater

When I saw this headline for Man Robs Station with Cheese Grater, I immediately thought of the “Lorelai out of Water” episode. I think this is the episode where Rory & Lane are helping the Korean cousin get ready for the wedding & they talk about how some of the arranged marriages didn’t work out so well. In fact one overbearing husband was peeled with a carrot peeler. That’s a bad way to go.

It turns out that the people at the robbery just thought that the cheese grater was a gun. (Ummmm I’ve never stolen anything & I never will but the closet thing this guy could find to a gun shape is a cheese grater?) My imagination for the cheese grater headline were much better. I thought maybe word of the Gilmore Girls peeling incident had spread and people were now afraid of cheese graters.

2 thoughts on “Man robs store with cheese grater

  1. virginia

    a cheese grater, huh? did he bend the peeler part so that it was shaped more like a gun? i’d think it’d look more like a switchblade than a gun…

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