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I’ve wanted to compliment someone as being like Garbo since Kirk said it about Martha in the “Always a Godmother Never a God” episode. There was one problem, I have no idea what that means so I probably shouldn’t say it. I can only assume that they are referring to Greta Garbo. I can also infer from context clues (shout out to my fourth grade teacher for that phrase) that Greta Garbo was somewhat aloof. So I headed over to wikipedia to find out.

Here is a picture of Greta Garbo. I chose it because she looks aloof here.

In 1999 AFI rated her the 5th greatest female star of all time. That’s a mighty fine distinction for someone I’ve never seen in a movie. (They rated 1. Katharine Hepburn 2. Bette Davis 3. Audrey Hepburn 4. Ingrid Bergman if you were wondering)

She starred in silent movies early on which is why I have never seen her.

Straight from wikipedia:

When she was filmed, if something happened that she was not pleased with she would say, “I think I’ll go back to Sweden!”

Greta never gave interviews, signed autographs, answered fan mail or attended premieres. She was famous for saying “I want to be alone”

Ok, now I have to go outside & find people so I can use my newfound Garbo quote.

6 thoughts on “A bit of Garbo

  1. Bebel

    Garbo it’s a spanish word. Well, actually italian, at least that’s what my spanish dictionary says:

    Garbo (from it. garbo): poise, grace / jauntiness

    I always thought the word was made up in reference to Greta Garbo’s gracefulness, though o.o

  2. virginia

    sadly, if garbo were around today, she’d probably not be as popular. and i’m sure the papparazzi would stalk her incessently.

  3. Leslie

    Greta Garbo’s real name is Grewta Lovisa Gusteffsen….she probably chose Garbo for the meaning. I believe Kirk’s reference is refering to Greta herself as to how she kept herself away from the public eye….I too was taught about context lol

    so about Greta Garbo….found at answers.com

    Born: 18 September 1905
    Birthplace: Stockholm, Sweden
    Died: 15 April 1990
    Best Known As: The starlet who said “I want to be alone”

    Name at birth: Greta Lovisa Gustafsson

    Greta Garbo was an enigmatic superstar of silent films and early Hollywood “talkies” until her surprising retirement at age 36. She was discovered in Sweden and moved to America under contract to MGM Studios, where she played aloof, dramatic beauties in films like
    Flesh and The Devil (1926) and Mysterious Lady (1928). She became a star and made the transition to talking pictures: Anna Christie (1930) was promoted with the famous tag line “Garbo Talks!” In the 1930s she played doomed title characters like Mata Hari (1932) and Anna Karenina (1935) and was a pensive ballerina in the 1932 Oscar-winner Grand Hotel, where she uttered the famous line “I want to be alone.” She changed styles a bit for the 1939 Ernst Lubitsch satire Ninotchka, playing a drab Soviet envoy transformed by a Parisian romance. She stopped making films in 1941, refused all attempts to lure her back to Hollywood, and settled in New York City. She dropped from public life entirely, and her solitary nature — combined with her earlier movie mystique — earned her a reputation as a romantic recluse.

    Garbo never married, though she had a much-publicized relationship with her silent film co-star John Gilbert… Garbo was irritated by the famous quote attributed to her, and reportedly told friends, “I never said, ‘I want to be alone.’ I only said, ‘I want to be left alone.’ There is a world of difference.”

  4. lindsey

    ok so you have just answered a very long time awaiting question of mine. In the movie Death Becomes Her as Merril Streep is wondering how living forever will play out after taking the ageless potion. The girl with the beaded braw thing is hinting around to people who had taken it and arn’t really dead just in youthful hiding, and she says “I want to be alone” as one of the hints and I always wondered who she was talking about.

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