Gilmore Breakup Survival Guide

When I break up with someone my first thought is “How will I go on?” My second thought is “Whatever, he was a jerk & he kinda smelled bad too, I’m going to go watch Gilmore Girls”. I have a little Gilmore survival guide. There is an episode for every kind of break up.

If I freak out & break up with someone I really like but the commitment was scary then I’ll watch the episode where Dean builds Rory a car & tells her he loves her.

If a boy randomly leaves, then I watch the episode where Jess goes away on the bus.

If a boy is just being too immature for me to be around I watch any episode with Christopher in it.

If the break up is with someone I thought was “the one” then I’ll watch the episode with “The Way We Were”. That episode is called “Say Something”. I know because I watch it way too often.

Notice that I didn’t mention Logan.


13 thoughts on “Gilmore Breakup Survival Guide

  1. virginia

    that say something episode is just heart-wrenching.

    logan is not worth mentioning! down with logan! another good bumper sticker! 🙂

  2. Jackii

    I love your blog/site.
    The pages are so helpful. My friend and I are trying to watch and read everything the gilmores have. I love the show so much, and am so sad that it is over. For my birthday I had a “Rory” birthday, with the feather boa and the crown, I really wanted my face on a cake, but I couldn’t find anyone to make it. My friends birthday is this week and I am giving her Gilmore Related Gifts. Thank you for sharing your love of Gilmore Girls, your blog is a great reference.

  3. ania

    Hey, so I love the website. I am obsessed with watching the reruns of Gilmores. Although, it is hard for me to watch season 7 because Rory and Logan end it and it makes me so mad! Anyways have you heard any news of a movie? I know they discussed it 2 years ago but I am not sure if you heard anything else?

  4. Holly

    Aww, I agree with ania. I was sad about rory and logan, I liked him. I am so sad that the show is not on any more. I am kind of obsessed, I watch something gilmore girls related everyday

  5. Caro

    Well, I’ve always hated break-up episodes, but the four in my heartbraking list are: number four, Rory and Dean’s break up in the dance marathon; number three, Lorelai and Max’s; number two, Say Something, of course; and finally, the worst: Rory’s Yale graduation where she breaks up with Logan. I loved those two together and I was so upset that they ended it like that, partly because it felt so rushed. And it was completely out of character for Logan to just walk away like that.

  6. Anne

    I have to say that I didn’t adore any couple in the show, except Lorelai and Luke. I’ve always thought that no Rory’s boyfriends was good for her, even if I pretty liked Jess & Logan (waoh he’s not adored around here…)
    But the moment when Jess is on the bus and leaves touched me so much, and I don’t know really why. Rory seems so naive and innocent. She has such a beautiful heart. She sees him and just goes with him; she doesn’t yell or cry or complain or reproach him for screwing up everything. It looks like a goodbye even if she doesn’t know he is leaving. And just before, when she goes to Fran’s funeral and wants to talk to Jess (who is not able either to go see her) is heart-breaking.
    Flaubert wrote one thing : Il y a un moment dans les séparations, où la personne aimée n’est déjà plus avec vous (there is a moment in break-ups, when the person beloved isn’t with you anymore)
    These Rory-Jess moments make me think about it.

  7. Anne

    Of course, Say Something is… so sad. Seeing Lorelai like that, depressed and bad is painful. But it’s also great to see her really affected ( a first one! ); she really loves Luke.

  8. Anne

    I’m sorry but I agree with Caro. The end of Rory and Logan is sad. Breaking up with someone not because you want to but because you have to do first what is good for you (job, dream) seems so unfair.

  9. Shvetal

    I saw Say Something for the first time yesterday and loved it!
    I loved that bit where she says ‘I am not the kind of girl who would beg an ex to come save her’ or something to that effect. I love her for saying that! I know that if she had still been in bed crying, she and Luke would have gotten together and at this time i want them to be back together, but not this way. When she walked back into her house saying she respects his decision to be out, i wanted to hug her and tell her how proud i was of her!

  10. Jamie

    I love GG and I watch and DVR the reruns and watch them over and over…I know that your not a fan of Logan, but he was my favorite of them all and I think if the movie comes out they should end up together. I feel that I loved Dean, Jess and logan all of them but I loved Logan the most, they changed eachother for the better and I feel they had so much in we have any updates on a movie coming in the future?? I love this site just and FYI! 🙂

  11. Jamie

    Oh to add on to my post I love Luke and Lorelai they are the best together…they belong together!! 🙂

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