My first cooking injury

Grease just spattered all over my arm when I was trying to cook cooking. It’s sad that my first thought was “I’m like Sookie!” I totally have the accident prone/absentminded thing down.

However, I’m unlike Sookie in the fact that the food I cook does not taste good. Also I’ve never made risotto because you have to stir it for like 45 minutes straight or something like that. That just isn’t going to happen. I even checked the store for microwave risotto. Also, I didn’t like in the last seasons when Sookie wasn’t having silly cooking accidents. I could really relate to that.

2 thoughts on “My first cooking injury

  1. virginia

    well, at least they didn’t have to cart you off to the hospital like sookie! 🙂 i’ve actually helped make risotto–if by “help” you mean “stir”. it was at a cooking class i took during my 30-things-to-do thing. totally worth it. it was delicious!

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