Cereal combos

I’ve never tried the cereal combos that Paris invents when they are at college. I just can’t bear to put shredded wheat with anything. Here is my one & only recipe:

One bowl

One spoon

Three scoops vanilla ice cream. I normally don’t like vanilla ice cream, so I invented this one day when it was the only flavor in the freezer. Not eating ice cream just wasn’t an option. Yes, I realize that most recipe cards don’t have entire paragraphs. This isn’t a real recipe anyways.

A dash of captain crunch (ok so not a dash of captain crunch but a boat load)

Put the ice cream in the bowl. Then put the captain crunch on top of the ice cream & eat with a spoon.

4 thoughts on “Cereal combos

  1. Emily!

    Capitan Crunch Milkshakes are also pretty amazing and the same general idea!

    2 scoops of ice cream

    2 cups of Capitan Crunch

    Some Milk (probably more than you’d think would go in)

    1 heaping spoon full of peanut butter

    Okay so I totally don’t remember the actual recipe so mess with the measurements if you need too. But its pretty good!

  2. virginia

    unfortunately i’ve never tried the captain’s crunchies–i didn’t mean that to come out so dirty. i’ve eaten vanilla ice cream with salty popcorn though…yummy!

  3. Katrina

    You can get Cap’n crunch shakes at Carl’s Jr. now! they are tasty but the sugar rush will put you in a coma.

  4. julie carobini

    omgoodness–Cap’n Crunch and ice cream! I love it, and will be trying that one out this summer (I love being the popular mom on the block, lol…)

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