How did Taylor come back into power?

I’ve always wondered about this weird plot line that just vanished. It’s not like the Gilmore Girls, they were pretty thorough in giving us closure at least until April entered the picture. I know that Jackson became town selectsman (Lets just call it mayor because that it what it is)

Then there was an episode where he was afraid of an assignation attempt. Then all of a sudden Taylor was mayor again. I wanted to see Taylor refuse to take the job, or Kirk go on a hunger strike until Taylor was the town selectsman again. I wanted subterfuge & a coupe. Where is my coupe?

2 thoughts on “How did Taylor come back into power?

  1. virginia

    that’s so true! i have no idea how they resolved that. i just remember jackson not wanting the job anymore and next thing you know taylor was the head honcho again. you’d think they would have had some sort of town hall meeting about it.

  2. carl

    It’s even more confusing when you look at the older episodes and see that Stars Hollow had a mayor as well (not Taylor). I think he was in season one or season two. Taylor was a selectman, not the mayor. I don’t know anything about New England communities and their form of government to know how a selectman differs from a mayor.

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