The other one dyes

I’ve always loved the episode where Lane dyes her hair. I’ve never dyed my hair a crazy color, not even for Halloween. I decided it was about time to try this before I go gray & have to start dying my hair its natural color. So I watched the episode again & decided that I wouldn’t actually bleach my hair. I was terrified of the stinging that Lane was talking about. Also, I don’t have any kind of celery soda to take the pain away.

For the color, I was kind of iffy. Pink was obvious, because I’m a girl. However, the negative association with Pink & Kelly Osbourne ruled out that one. If I really wanted to be like Lane it should be purple, but I was afraid my hair wouldn’t take such a drastic color change without the bleach. Again, I don’t have any celery soda. So I put the color pomade in my hair & I looked so rock & roll. I took a picture. I then proceeded to wash my hair 10-12 times until all traces were gone. I think next time I’ll just photoshop a picture of myself so I have purple hair.

3 thoughts on “The other one dyes

  1. Rae

    Hey, I was late getting into the Gilmore Girls, thank God for syndication. I haven’t even seen season 7, yet! (It is on my queue) Anyway, I enjoy this blog and wanted to say ‘Hi”

    I was punk rock and now I am a professional, but I hold on to my roots with one tiny strand. I always have one strand of hair in the back underneath that is pink, blue, white, purple. I can curl it up with a bobby pin when I need to hide it and I can loop it around my ponytail when I want to show it. It is a great reminder when sometimes I feel like a sheep.


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