Paper Moon

It was time for me to really concentrate on the movie list & watch Paper Moon. I know this movie won several awards, so it wasn’t a part of the bad Gilmore movie nights. I avoided this movie from the 70’s because it was from the 70’s. I hate the faded colors of the 70’s movies. Plus, I can never tell if the men are supposed to be good looking or not, so it’s hard to tell who might be a love interest.

I started the movie & was pleasantly surprised to not have the faded color, but I just couldn’t watch it because it was from the 70’s & for all I knew they were going to fade into that horrible color at any moment. I think I maybe have just created a new phobia, I hope they don’t name it after me.

3 thoughts on “Paper Moon

  1. CJ

    Incredible. 1970s or not, this is one of my favorite films. Ryan and Tatum O’Neil together on screen? Really, you should give it a fair try.

  2. mariah

    Paper Moon is one of the best movies. As a Gilmore Girl fan, you sould really enjoy it mainly because of the fast paced banter between the two main characters. In fact, I hand’t thought about this until now, Paper Moon is Gilmore Girls except with a guy and a young girl, ok not quite- but it has the feel everynow and then. PS. the entire movie is in black and white, and set in the 19 30’s so there is no trace of the 70’s here.
    Watch it watch it- COPPER BOOM!

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