If I’m going to be a Gilmore Girl, I have to have a Paris to be my foil, challenge me, make me look sweet by comparison. Look, you have to like me people, I’m not nearly as annoying as that girl. Unfortunately, all of my friends are nice.

So I went on a quest to find my very own Paris. I spent some time in the reference section of the bookstore because that’s where it seems like Paris would hang out, but I was in a chain bookstore & I didn’t know if she’d be there. I checked to see if anyone was yelling at the customer service people or telling people that this is my natural speaking volume.” I live in a small town so I’m always on the lookout for hungry reporters trying to find the seedy underbelly of the town cause there isn’t one.

I’m thinking that maybe I’ll just set up some kind of complicated chart system & see who stops to look at it. I really have to find a Paris, otherwise it means that I AM the Paris of my own world, & I just can’t have that.

2 thoughts on “Paris

  1. Eve

    I would love a friend like Paris and I probably need one to get me motivated. I really want to work with someone like Michel! He is hysterical and everytime I stay at a hotel I look at the staff hoping to find a Lorelai/Michel/Sookie combination but no one has even come close.

  2. Anne

    Ahhh Paris. I like so much the Rory/Paris relationship. Paris really likes Rory and is so touching when she says all the time : “my best friend Rory”
    Rory was great with her at Chilton, even when Paris was such a *****.

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