It’s finally happened

There’s something that I disagree with the Gilmores about. Shocking, I know. I had hoped that I would never see this day. Usually, I come around to their way of thinking, but not this time.

It happened during the B&B episode. The Gilmores had finally braved the B&B lobby because of their weakness for scones. There is a huge cultural difference here. I live in Utah & once had a conversation like this with from someone back east “No, a scone is fry bread. Ummm fry bread? It’s like umm a scone”. So the confused party looked up scone online & brought me a picture of something that looked like a muffin. A scone is not a muffin.

Anyways, on the show they were eating the muffin scone impostors.

Actually a scone is bread that is fried. It is yummy.

This pretty much ensures that I will never move east. All because of the scones. What do scones look like in your area?

7 thoughts on “It’s finally happened

  1. Marissa

    i live in utah too!! πŸ™‚

    skyline high area in salt lake city.

    we have the original hardcore scones.

  2. kristin

    I am from Connecticut and I have never had a scone; they aren’t sold very many places. We’re bigger on muffins and stuff here. Maybe I am just not looking hard enough. However the show was shot in Cali so many the scones are actually California scones because I have noticed some other things on the show that wouldn’t make sense considering they are in Connecticut but would make sense for Cali.

  3. julie carobini

    Oh, how the controversy over scones continues. Yes, the Cali version is basically a super dense muffin (as in thick, not stupid πŸ˜‰ Anyways, while in England awhile back I ordered a scone with clotted cream during high tea and felt very cheer-i-o and all that until a Scottish woman I met there decided to set me straight. Scones, according to her, were Scottish, not British, and they are to be pronounced “Scons” not the slang-infused “Scones”.

    No matter, that fry bread looks fatteningly delicious, whatever it’s called.

  4. Yvonne

    Where I live (NH) are our like the dry kind i guess. Gee I thought scones were just scones.

  5. Anne

    You’re right. I often eat English scones (there are a lot of English living in France, so…) and it doesn’t look like muffins. It is dry and English people eat it with jam. It is really good but not without jam, or chocolate, …
    My mother has a scones recipe if you’re interested!

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