I’ve been unsuccessful at finding a show to replace Gilmore Girls. I can’t even find a show to take away the stinging pain & deep sense of loss. However, if we’re talking pure wpm (words per minute as Paris calls it), I may have found a match. After I watch a few hours of the Gilmore Girls, I notice that I start talking really fast. It’s fun to watch people try & keep up with my conversation. If my stories are boring even me, I try speeding them up & slowing them down in mid sentence to see if anyone catches on. This is especially fun when discussing business.

They talk as least as fast as the Gilmores on The West Wing. Granted, the West Wing lacks humor, cute clothes, & Kirk. However, I just close my eyes & enjoy the wpm.

3 thoughts on “WPM

  1. julie carobini

    Now see, I do understand wpm because I often switch on the dvd player and head down memory lane, especially when I’m avoiding work.

    Btw, I had an epiphany the other day while watching, and wondered if you were ahead of me on this (of course you were). It occurred to me that the “first” kiss between Luke and Lorelai (you know, in front of The Dragonfly?) wasn’t the first kiss at all! I realized this when watching the episode where she dreamt she was married to Luke and having his twins! She kissed him in that dream sequence, thereby negating the “first kiss in front of the Inn.” Argh–I’ve been living a lie…Lol

  2. Yvonne

    I have the same issue with the talk fast thing. After I watch Gilmore GIrls I start talking wicked fast and stuff. I love to talk!!!!

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