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I was recently booking a hotel & thought “Hmm what about a bed & breakfast?” Yes, I know that Rory & Lorelai hate B&B’s. I always found this odd because the Dragonfly is kind of a B&B that also serves lunch & dinner. I guess the difference is the Dragonfly is cooler.

There was this really cool B&B that I came across in my search where the rooms were based on different authors. It seemed perfect. I’ve never stayed in a Bed & Breakfast before just because I’m a little bit scared of them, especially since seeing the Gilmore Girls experience. It’s just like I’m staying in a stranger’s house & that stranger may have imported floral wallpaper from France. The scones would be nice though. In the end, I just couldn’t risk it & decided to stay in a hotel, although I might’ve gotten an interesting blog post if the B&B was like the Chesire Cat.

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  1. sheree

    What is the name of the B&B that uses author’s names and where is it? Sounds fun. I stayed in one B&B in Arkansas with my parents on a “memory-lane” type of trip since my dad lived in Northern Arkansas as a kid. It was a large Victorian type house and we had a blast. The only strange part was sharing a bathroom with strangers, but all in all, we liked it.

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