Gilmore Road Trip

As far as I can remember the Gilmores have taken three road trips:

The first trip was to the Chesire Cat Inn & road trip to Harvard.
One to Martha’s Vineyard with Logan & Luke.
A long drive with Emily to the fake Mia’s wedding.

Let’s face it, most of the time on other TV shows when the cast takes a road trip or is outside of their element, it sucks. Not true in this case. (Well fine, the Martha’s Vineyard episode left a lot to be desired, but Amy didn’t write it, Daniel did.)

I really love the Gilmore road trips. I love watching the Gilmore’s watch a roomba vacuum the floor. It’s just that kind of show, it can work in all kind of situations. I’m going on a road trip & was trying to think how to make it more Gilmore. The only thing that I can think of is that I need to have my window rolling up privileges revoked. At least I don’t know how to fold a map correctly. I’m more of the Lorelai approach. I just crumple it up & say “Is it smaller? OK, then”.

One thought on “Gilmore Road Trip

  1. virginia

    I loved the Cheshire Cat Inn episode! Remember to take your “tunes”…Lorelai always needed good “tunes” for the road. Hmm, what else can you do? Leave Rory’s comment on a hotel comment card–wasn’t it something like, “Sat and Forever am at work here”? 🙂

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