I really am becoming a Gilmore

Remember when Lorelai & Rory finally reunited after months of fighting? All through the separation Lorelai kept conversation topics written on post it notes to tell Rory about when they reconciled. Then, Lorelai couldn’t read the notes. I think one of them said Russian Plebeshem. I was pleasantly surprised to look down at a post it note on my desk & see something I couldn’t read.

I have no idea what that says. It was obviously important enough for me to commemorate it on a post it. In other news, I’m not like Rory because I use pink post it notes & Rory uses serious office supplies.

5 thoughts on “I really am becoming a Gilmore

  1. Tanya

    heyy can u please help me…i’ve been trying to find the song that played on gilmore girls season 7 episode 4 “S marvelous S wonderful”.
    it’s the song that played when lucy and olivia went to logan and rory’s apartment and olivia turns on the music system…i’ve been looking for ages..please help me of u can. thanks.

  2. Lauren Mylo

    Rory does use pink post it notes in Season 6 I’m Ok, You’re Ok.
    She steals them from Michel

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