The Return of Jezebel James

The Return of Jezebel James airs tonight. It’s a sitcom by Amy Sherman Palladino. This leads me to wonder, what exactly was Gilmore Girls? It’s wasn’t a comedy or a drama, or even a drama-edy. It was just awesome.

I didn’t watch the preview for Jezebel James because I couldn’t find the mute button, or really the unmute button. I’ll definitely be tuning in. Once again, not having a life pays off.  If you’re reading this after the show aired, what did you think about it?

7 thoughts on “The Return of Jezebel James

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  2. Tim King

    You asked what I think about it. I honestly like it, and I definitely see Amy Sherman-Palladino’s hand in it, even though it is not Gilmore Girls. And as for funny, to me it was worth 127 laughs in 44 minutes. But the humor is not why I’m already falling in love with these characters. Check out my comments on The Return of Jezebel James for more details. (Crap. I’m already analyzing it as much as I do Gilmore Girls.)

    BTW, I’m currently reading Chocolate Beach (also by Julie Carobini). Some coincidence, huh?


  3. Linda

    What? I missed it?! Okay, not surprising. I caught a bit of the show preview, but I really have no idea what it’s about. Grr. I’ll have to catch the next episode.

  4. lindsey

    so again i feel really stupid commenting on a post that was current years ago, if only i had found this site sooner i would not have felt so alone. On the topic of The Return of Jezebel James…..Amy got lucky with the cast of gilmore girls. Ok we all know it wasn’t luck it was fate! I love her writing, but this show was like reading along to Hamlet in the 10th grade when the kid with the lisp has a turn.(cringe) (ok actually it was kind of interesting, like a new spin) anyway, then Max showed up in Parker Poseys bed, and i was like, Max what are you doing here you know you are still pineing for Loralie, and this girl will never add up to her. At that moment i knew i was just trying to fill my gilmore girl void. I was eating cookie dough ice cream and then suddenly realized all the cookie dough chunks were gone….(gasp)

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