Why do they call them Milk Duds?

Emily asked this question in the episode where Richard is in the hospital in Season 7. Yes, typing that was a lot easier than looking at the episode title. Of course, I was curious, because it’s candy. Why do they call them Milk Duds?

So I went to wikipedia & apparently the manufacturer said the milk part is because there’s a lot of milk in it. However, Milk Duds were originally supposed to be perfectly round. This was impossible, hence the dud in milk duds.

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2 thoughts on “Why do they call them Milk Duds?

  1. Virginia

    How neat! I always like learning about candy-making. I love that show–I think it’s called “Unwrapped”–about different candies and other food things.

  2. Cath

    The story of how Milk Duds got its name is fantastic! I love the clever thinking that was borne out of adapting to a mishap.

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