Rory’s Book Club: Holiday on Ice

I saved Holidays on Ice by David Sedaris to read on Thanksgiving. I thought it was a sure way to get rid of any of my holiday blues. Me Talk Pretty One Day was one of the funniest things I read.

Holidays on Ice was still funny, but there were also a few extremely gloomy stories included. I guess I had David Sedaris typed cast as the funny guy. The gloomy stories were impeccably written, very good, but dang it I want him to be funny. So to recap the book was good, but it was no Me Talk Pretty One Day.

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One thought on “Rory’s Book Club: Holiday on Ice

  1. Tina

    Hey, I love your blog! Thanks for giving me much-needed entertainment. You’ve inspired me to rewatch my GG dvds. I’m going to order Me Talk Pretty One Day as I live overseas. From what I’ve heard it’s great. Oh and I noticed on your list that you’re missing The Power of Myth. Remember when Rory and Paris watch it during Spring Break?

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