Gilmore on a budget: Swapadvd is now open!!!

Becoming a Gilmore Girl has gotten very expensive. I have no idea what make up they use to look all glowy, but I’m sure it’s expensive. There’s the Burken bag which is worth more than my car. Then it’s the hundreds of CD’s that I need to buy when I want to be Lane. There’s the reading of Rory’s book list, most of which my library doesn’t have. Then, I have to track down movies & find out if Cop Rock is out on DVD yet.

Trust me, all of this is fun. It makes me happy. In fact it makes me so happy that I actually used the word happy instead of being sarcastic. To cut costs I joined several swapping sites. These sites are all run by the same people. I like the fact that they have a huge selection, that you can trade credits between the sites & that you can even buy credits if necessary.

Basically for every item that you send to someone else you get a credit which you can then use to get anything on the site. I also love the fact that you can make a list & get in line for items that you want that other members haven’t posted yet. You even get free credits just for posting a few dvd’s/books/cd’s depending on the site, so you can get the first few dvd’s/books/cd’s for free. These sites totally beat the pro/con lists I made of all the other swapping sites. Of course I made a pro/con list, I’m practically Rory.

There are over 1.5 million books listed on this site, it’s been a huge help with Rory’s book list.

I’ve gotten several Tom Waits cd’s from this site & will not rest until I have the entire collection.

This site just came out of beta today. I’ve been a beta tester for a few weeks now & it’s wonderful. I only wished that I’d known about it before I bought Season 7 of Gilmore Girls on DVD.

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One thought on “Gilmore on a budget: Swapadvd is now open!!!

  1. Virginia

    I’d heard of paperback swap, but not the others…although it stands to reason that they would exist. Unfortunately, I love the way books look on my bookshelf, so I’ll probably still keep buying them…maybe not NEW, but buying them nonetheless! 🙂

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