Jane Eyre Rocks

As Lou Grant said to Mary Tyler Moore “You’ve got spunk”. Jane Eyre definitely has spunk. I related more to her than I have to any other classic heroine. She sticks to her principles & speaks up when she doesn’t like something, but she’s still feminine.

Jane makes the perfect modern day character, but it’s astounding that Charlotte Bronte wrote this in 1848. I can only imagine what the more conservative people of the day thought of Jane Eyre, but I’m a huge fan. Once again, thanks to Rory’s Book Club for the fantastic introduction. Of course I knew there was a book called Jane Eyre, but I never read it because it was sitting on the bookshelf, leather bound, next to all of the other “boring” books.

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2 thoughts on “Jane Eyre Rocks

  1. Sandra

    Omg I absolutely abhorred Jane Eyre. It took me forever to read, it was very dry and I felt like the story was going around in circles over and over and over. She was kicked out and on her own, she found someone, she was on her own again, she found someone, she was on her own again. And just when things were looking up, her friend died, or something horrible happened. I’m a fast reader and that book took me two weeks to finish. blahh.

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