Rory’s Book Club: A Month of Sundays

I’ve been eagerly awaiting reading A Month of Sundays by Julie Mars ever since I started reading through Rory’s Book Club list. Who wouldn’t want to read a true account of an author who went to a different church every Sunday for 31 weeks trying to resolve her feelings about her sister’s death? How cool does that sound? Pretty darn cool is the answer.

Plus, I think that this was the last book that was ever added to the book list. It was interesting to see an objective perspective on so many different types of religion, she even attended my church. At first it bothered me that she wasn’t really looking to join a church, but I think it was enough that she was looking for peace wherever she could find it.

So I would rate it:

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2 thoughts on “Rory’s Book Club: A Month of Sundays

  1. Pattie

    I read this book while GG’s was still on the air and loved it. I too enjoyed her perspective on the various churches she visited, and the people she encountered. I also liked that there wasn’t a pat ending to the book. I got a sense of a continued journey on her part.

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