Rory’s Book Club: The Lottery & Other Stories

In college I was required to read “The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson. I’m sure it was a commentary on something, but no one in my class could figure out, even my professor. I then showed the story to several other people, yelling “Tell me what this means”.

Shirley Jackson can write, she can really write. She reminds me of Dorothy Parker, but her stories are even darker. It just left me with a very eerie feeling & is why I don’t usually like short stories or scary movies. Monsters, aliens, I can handle, but I hate seeing the darker sides of humanity without some kind of hero. If anyone knows what “The Lottery” means, please tell me

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  1. CJ

    “The Lottery” is one of my favorite short stories, and one of the central ideas I have always identified is the danger of keeping up with a tradition just because “this is the way things have always been done.” I think it’s important to question our beliefs and behavior, both for ourselves and for our society. The stoning ritual that exists in “The Lottery” may have been developed at a time when it was necessary to limit the population in some way, or simply when the understanding of cause and effect were less informed in terms of what makes the crops grow (for example). In any case, it is the perfect example of an activity that has lost its true purpose/meaning, but continues due to irrational fears and stubborn refusals to reevaluate beliefs and practices in light of new information. Certainly it is not difficult to identify parallels in our own society, things we still do today that do not really make sense (though they probably did at one time), and yet we keep on doing them. I hope that helps!

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