Rory’s Book Review: The Song Reader

Three poptarts for this one. If Rory’s Book Club were American Idol, “The Song Reader” by Lisa Tucker would’ve made it to Hollywood. Then it would have been cut out of the top twelve with Simon saying how you really need to bring your A Game with this level of competition. It would’ve been the book that got sent home en mass with all of the other books that were good, but not really memorable.

It wasn’t a bad book. It’s more of a book that would stand out if I hadn’t of read all of the other books. It was almost too much drama, but the underlying idea of being able to tell what people are going through by the songs that get stuck in their head is interesting. I just had trouble believing that it was a book that Rory would read.

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  1. Leeann

    Where was the song reader by lisa tucker referenced or shown on the show? I am currently reading the gilmore girls reading list, and I just finished this book the other day. It has been bothering me I don’t know where on the show it is referenced. Thanks!

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