Rorys Book Club: The Master & Margarita

When I first got the book “The Master & Margarita”, by Mikhail Bulgakov, my thought was “Oh crap” for the following reasons:

I thought it would be a contemporary novel. It isn’t.

Also, I haven’t had the best of luck with the Russian writers so far. They tend to be quite wordy.

There was a giant satanic looking cat on the cover. I am afraid of cats.

I was mistaken. Not wrong, I am never that. It was quite an enjoyable read & went a lot faster than I was expecting. The basic plotline is what if the devil came to town as a cat? At least, I think that was a plotline. I’m sure that there are a lot of metaphors for a communist government, that I just didn’t understand because I was laughing about the cat thing. Finally, someone agrees with me about cats.

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