How to wallow

After Rory’s first break up with Dean we are taught just how important wallowing is.  It’s an essential part in the breakup process.  We again see this when Lorelai breaks up with Luke in Season 6.  If Lorelai had taken a day to sit in her pajamas eat ice cream & watch sappy movies, maybe the whole Christopher debacle never would have happened.  Wallowing is the only good part of a break up & should include:

1.  Disgusting, fattening food combinations like ice cream & Chinese food.

2.  Jammies.

3.  Putting all of your ex’s things in a box.

4.  Good friends.

It does not include talking to boys of any kind or making huge life decisions.  That does sound pretty tempting, it’s all I can do right now to just go date someone & break up with them, just so I have the opportunity to wallow.  It’s a wonder that I’m not married.

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  1. Taylor

    ok so i was surfing the web for something about gilmore girls ( i do that alot)
    and i was thinking about some thing that might be close to 2nd. The Return of Jezebel James was created by Amy Sherman.

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