Rory’s Book Club: Hamlet

I wasn’t looking forward to reading “Hamlet” by Shakespeare. Up until this point, Shakespeare has meant sitting outside on the ground for hours on end. At first I enjoy it, then it just stretches on as my back starts to hurt. Plus, it feels like every production either on film, or in plays, the actors over pronounce everything, thus making the play last twice as long as it should. It’s like when people are speaking to someone of a different nationality, they just keep speaking English louder & slower. You can say it as slow as you like, I still don’t understand it. I was then relieved to notice that Shakespeare’s longest play was quite easy to read, & I could finish it in a few afternoons.

Of course we all know that “To be or not to be” is from Hamlet, but I was surprised that this is supposedly the most often quoted play of all time. I was surprised at how many quotes were in this play, basically everything we say can be traced back to Hamlet.

I actually really enjoyed the story since I was setting the timing of it, & it didn’t cause me any back pain.

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  1. Virginia

    This is going to sound totally random, but have you seen Renaissance Man with Danny DeVito? He’s a teacher in the Army and uses the play Hamlet to help a group of new recruits “learn”. It’s actually pretty good…I’ve always liked the play as a result. 🙂

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