Rory’s Book Club: My Life in Orange

I give this book three pop tarts. If “My Life in Orange” by Tim Guest was fiction, it would have been completely unbearable to read, because it just wouldn’t have been believable.  Guest grew up with his mother following Bhagwan Shree Rajnees, who established a large commune in Oregon in the 1980’s.  He insisted that his followers only wear colors of the sun. Guest’s tale of growing up in a commune was heart-wrenching. There were so many problems about communes that I had not thought of. They were imple things such as kids not being able to have their very own toys.

At times, the book was a little tedious.  It was written without the emotion that I thought it required. It was written like a newspaper, there’s nothing wrong with that. It just doesn’t make for the best autobiography.  However, I think Tim Guest deserves major congratulations for having survived this, & he doesn’t even come across as bitter.  I still won’t forgive my parents for the time I was four & fell into a cooler & couldn’t get out.  I was crying, envisioning a life being stuck in a cooler, & my parents dealt with the situation by taking a picture.  So I applaud Tim Guest for his survival skills & his grace.

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  1. Trish Ryan

    That sounds really interesting. I’ve known some people who have been (or are in) commune-like settings, and I’ve always wondered about what it’s really like inside. It just doesn’t seem good, no matter what your definition of good might be.

    So sorry about the cooler incident…I noticed you didn’t post the picture???


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